Sing17 community choir formed in 2014 out of local Women’s institute ‘The Stone Roses.’ Following this Laura Forbes took on ownership of the choir and opened it up to the whole community. With a ‘no audition or previous singing ability needed’ policy the choir has gradually grown into a diverse, inclusive and much loved service.

Over the past five years Sing17 have developed a varied repertoire from Bowie to Bonnie Tyler, sea shanties to Swahili folk songs and The Staves to The Supremes. Choir members suggest many songs and Laura arranges them for up to three parts to be taught by ear. There is always live accompaniment in our sessions either on keys or ukulele. The choir’s primary purpose is to provide a supportive and fun space for people to sing on a weekly basis. The success of this process and the growing confidence of the choir has led Sing17 to perform across Waltham Forest. Our most prominent events are community music gigs that take place at Mirth, Marvel and Maud on a yearly basis. These offer a showcase of the range of groups in the area and help raise the profile of community music whilst also fundraising for local causes.

Sing17 has always delivered outreach projects with the senior community in particular those living and working with dementia. In 2015 Laura ran a dementia choir project in collaboration with The Alzheimers Society and George Mason care home. Since the project there have been various collaborations with the care home staff and Sing17 continue to sing with the dementia community at events.

The most recent addition to Sing17’s outreach work is a day choir that was created to help combat loneliness in the community as well as give an opportunity for people to sing in the daylight hours. The group is already beginning to thrive into a warm, lively bunch. Sing17 is always open to new members and welcomes anyone and everyone.


"Singing for Seniors" on 2nd October 2-3pm St Gabriel’s Church, Havant Rd, E17

Sing17 would like to commit to the running of one free singing workshop run by Sing17 leader Laura Forbes.
This would be a totally accessible session for people who may have a hang up when it comes to singing or some kind of barrier preventing them from enjoying it. 2-3pm St Gabriel’s Church, Havant Rd, E17